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Marcalo Navarr

Marcalo Navarr first discovered his love for exploring in the forbidden ruins near his home town of Craftown. The local priest warned of the “evil spirits” that lived there, but Marcalo didn’t listen. Later, he would learn that some ruins do have inhabitants that would not be pleased to see a young boy in their home, but, luckily, these ruin were not in that group.

It was in exploring these ruins that Marcalo discovered his gift. While climbing up a fallen pillar, he slipped on a patch of moss and fell. He was somehow able to twist his body like a cat when he fell, and landed on his feet with a small hop. He made sure to use this talent to its fullest, and soon began making small journeys to nearby ruins.

News of Marcalo’s gift, and his skill, made it to the ears of Vincent Vancuria, the leader of the Delvers, a ruin explorer company. He sent a group to observe Marcalo, and it was decided that they would offer membership to him. Marcalo accepted, and began his formal training.

Years later, on an expedition financed by a mid-level priest, Marcalo received emergency instructions that the team of Delvers were to trigger a trap in the ruins that would take out the majority of the priest’s workers. It turned out that an enemy of the priest was trying to shame him and hit him hard in the pocketbook at the same time, and Marcalo despised that. Yes, he did work for money, but you’re only as good as your reputation. The workers were warned about the trap by Marcalo, which was not looked upon with favor by the other Delvers. They tried to capture him, but Marcalo killed them and escaped.

He must always keep moving, as the Delvers will seek revenge.


ST 10

DX 11 [20]

IQ 10

HT 10

Damage 1d-2/1d

Basic Speed 5.5 [5]

Basic Move 5

Basic Lift 20

Broad Jump 7

Carry on Back 300

Fright Check 11

Ground Move 5

Hearing 12

High Jump 20

One Arm ST 10

One-Handed Lift 40

Perception 12 [10]

Shift Slightly 1000

Shove/Knock Over 240

Size Modifier 0

Taste/Smell 12

Tech Level 3

Touch 12

Two Arm ST 10

Two-Handed Lift 160

Vision 12

Water Move 1

Will 11 [5]

Active Defenses:

Dodge 8

Block 0

Parry 9 (Brawling/Knife/Shortsword)


Ambidexterity [5]

Catfall [10]

Wild Talent (Magic Domains: Communication/Empathy, Body Control, Gate, Illusion/Creation, Mind-Control, Necromantic, Movement, Knowledge) (1) (Retention; Focused (Magic only)) [21]


Alcohol Tolerance [1]


Compulsive Gambling (12 or less) [-5]

Enemy (Delvers) (Small group (3-5 people)) (9 or less; Hunter) [-10]

Magic Susceptibility (-1) [-3]

Phobia (Spiders) (-1) (9 or less) [-7]


Habit (Twirls throwing knife around fingers) [-1]

Likes Antique Weapons [-1]

Staid [-1]


Acrobatics DX/H - DX+0 11 [4]

Brawling DX/E - DX+1 13 [4]

Climbing DX/A - DX+1 12 [4]

First Aid/TL3 IQ/E - IQ+1 11 [2]

Gambling IQ/A - IQ+0 10 [2]

Knife DX/E - DX+3 14 [8]

Lockpicking/TL3 IQ/A - IQ+1 11 [4]

Shortsword DX/A - DX+1 12 [4]

Stealth DX/A - DX+1 12 [4]

Thrown Weapon (Knife) DX/E - DX+2 13 [4]

Traps/TL3 IQ/A - IQ+2 12 [8]


Stats [45] Ads [36] Disads [-25] Quirks [-3] Skills [46] = Total [100]

Rewards [3] Spent [2] = Unspent [1]


Hand Weapons

1 Shortsword LC:4 $400 Wgt:2

   swing  Dam:1d cut  Reach:1  Parry:0  ST:8  Skill:Shortsword 
   thrust  Dam:1d-2 imp  Reach:1  Parry:0  ST:8  Skill:Shortsword 

5 Small Knife LC:4 $150 Wgt:2.5

   swing  Dam:1d-3 cut  Reach:C,1  Parry:-1  ST:5  Skill:Knife 
   thrust  Dam:1d-3 imp  Reach:C  Parry:-1  ST:5  Skill:Knife  Notes:[1] 

Ranged Weapons

1 Light Cloak LC:-- Dam:spcl. Acc:1 Range:2 / 2

   RoF:1  Shots:T(1)  ST:5  Bulk:-4  Rcl:  $20  Wgt:2  Notes:[1]/[4] 

5 Small Knife LC:4 Dam:1d-3 imp Acc:0 Range:5 / 10

   RoF:1  Shots:  ST:5  Bulk:-1  Rcl:  $150  Wgt:2.5 

Armor & Possessions

1 Backpack¸ Small $60 Wgt:3 Location:

1 Boots $80 Wgt:3 Location:feet

1 Lantern $20 Wgt:2 Location:

1 Leather Armor $100 Wgt:10 Location:torso, groin

1 Leather Pants $40 Wgt:3 Location:legs, groin

1 Lockpicks $50 Wgt:0 Location:

2 Oil (per pint) $4 Wgt:2 Location:

1 Ordinary Clothes $50 Wgt:2 Location:

1 Rope¸ 3/4 (per 10 yards) $25 Wgt:5 Location: