Knight Hawke

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   Pilot: Knight Hawke.
   Call-sign: Stiletto.
   Concept: Con-man on the run.
   Nationality: Hollywood.
   *"I want this 'Knight' fellow lookin' like Swiss Cheese, you hear me?!"
   *"A toothpick, some glue, and a bottle of hooch? I can work with this."
   *All the Attitude, None of the Money
   *Wherever the Wind Blows
   *A Woman in Every Port
   *"Say, I hear you're in the market for a bridge and boy do I have a deal for you..."
   Piloting Sub-Skills
   Great: Handling
   Good: Gunnery
   Fair: Aerial Psyche
   Superb: Deceit.
   Great: Pilot, Alertness, Athletics.
   Good: Guns, Endurance, Investigation. 
   Fair: Resolve, Resources, Rapport, Stealth.
   Average: Empathy, Contacting, Academics, Might, Sleight of Hand.
   *Flying Ace [Pilot]
   *Clever Disguise [Deceit]
   *Mimicry [Deceit]
   *Master of Disguise [Deceit]
   *Infiltrator [Deceit]
   *Five Minute Friends [Rapport]
   Name: Bell "Valiant" Mark-II
   Description: The six light machine guns are a brilliant chrome, the body jet black with a metallic sheen,
    and the trimmings gold. Each wing has a knight's lance along the top, with the haft oriented towards the
    body of the Mark-II.

Knight, being a con-man, has made a wealth of enemies over the years. His scams are seemingly indiscriminate, as likely to target a Hollywood magnate as a widow scraping by on a prayer. He doesn't do it out of spite so much as a compulsive urge to run away from who he really is. Being the son of an overly successful actor can do that to a kid. Cole Astaire, a name that Knight has all but forgotten, decided that the only way he could escape his father's shadow was to master a different sort of performance. Crime does have its own sort of appeal. Unfortunately, talent and luck can only go so far. It was almost inevitable that he'd over-extend himself and take on too big of a mark. That mark just happened to be the head of Boeing. The game was going well, until some gumshoe decided to butt into things. From there, it was a matter of time until the jig was up. Needless to say, things didn't go well when the truth came out. Knight decided to head down towards Arixo to lie low while things cooled off.