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Halcyon is a game setting designed by William Jones (Falcon2001) for use with the Dungeons and Dragons system.


Halcyon is a universe consisting of five planes of existence, which are connected to each other by a subplane. Each of the planes is elementally aligned, the four outer planes being aligned to a specific 'normal' element (fire, wind, water, earth) and the inner plane and the subplane being aligned to positive and negative energy, respectively.

The planes are:

  • Pellerin, Plane of Air
  • Yuilia, Plane of Water
  • Ikidan, Plane of Fire
  • Duentha, Plane of Earth
  • Rul, Plane of Negative Energy
  • Gate, Plane of Positive Energy


Pellerin is a plane consisting of gigantic floating islands, each of them held up by the magic that infuses the world. The air currents allow for travel by gyrocopter and glider between the islands, and the plane is inhabited mainly by Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings, all of which have been affected by the magic of the plane.