Eric Sanders

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This is an example of how not to make a GURPS character:

   Name: Eric Sanders
   Race: Human
   Attributes [40]
   ST 16 [60] DX 10 IQ 7 [-60] HT 11 [10]
   HP 16 Will 10 [15] Per 10 [15] FP 11
   Basic Lift 51 Damage 1d+1/2d+2
   Basic Speed 5.25 Basic Move 5
   Advantages [25]
   Ambidexterity [5]
   Fearlessness (5) [10]
   High Pain Threshold [10]
   Disadvantages [-40]
   Berserk (12 or less) [-10]
   Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]
   Callous [-5]
   Sadism (12 or less) [-15]
   Quirks [-1]
   Personality Change [-1]
   Skills [35]
   Area Knowledge (Chicago) IQ/E - IQ+2 9 [4]
   Axe/Mace DX/A - DX+1 11 [4]
   Climbing DX/A - DX+1 11 [4]
   Driving/TL3 (Automobile) DX/A - DX+0 10 [2]
   Dual-Weapon Attack (Axe/Mace) Tech/H - def+4 11 [5]
   Electronics Repair/TL3 (Communications) IQ/A - IQ+1 8 [4]
   Guns/TL3 (Shotgun) DX/E - DX+2 12 [4]
   Search Per/A - Per+1 11 [4]
   Urban Survival Per/A - Per+1 11 [4]
   Stats [40] Ads [25] Disads [-40] Quirks [-1] Skills [35] = Total [59]

Eric grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. At an early age he showed signs of cruelty and sadism; he insulted teachers and other authority figures and tortured small animals such as frogs. Most of his behavior went unnoticed and despite getting into occasional fights, Eric barely managed to graduate high school. At this point Eric seemed to have grown out of his belligerence and sadism. He hopped around entry-level jobs but through family friends eventually landed a job at Comcast as a low-paid phone and cable technician and worked there for several years without incident.

One day, after working on the phone lines of a local business, Eric was jumped by two muggers armed with baseball bats. They beat him senseless and robbed him of his money and possessions. He awoke bruised and battered but otherwise okay, but something snapped within him and much of his suppressed childhood came back to him in a rush. Within the next week he was fired for arguing and insulting coworkers and a month later was kicked out of his department due to rent delinquencies and problems with other tenants.

Eric soon found himself out on the street and his problems began to worsen. During the night he lurked around and scavenged for food, shelter and occasionally targets to entertain him, such as stray cats and dogs. It wasn't long before he found a rusty axe behind an abandoned warehouse. He used this newfound weapon to frighten street urchins and eventually to rob people for money. After doing this for weeks, Eric had some cash saved up and bought himself two light carpentry axes, which he began dual-wielding and practicing on animals.

Finally the inevitable happened: Eric jumped a young couple as they passed through an alley and threatened them with both of his axes. The man tried to fight back but Eric brutally lodged one of his axes in the man's left arm, almost completely severing the limb. The woman tried to run but Eric was faster and pushed her to the ground. Without thinking, he decapitated her and then proceeded to finish off the man, who was desperately weeping in pain. Authorities, who had been searching for a definite lead on this "axe mugger" used the crime scene to finally track Eric down and arrest him. Eric submitted without a fight and cooperated with the police, going as far as to confess crimes the police hadn't even discovered. He was sentenced to life without parole and moved to a Chicago prison.

The guards were brutal there and inmates more than anything wanted to escape. Eric gained respect almost immediately and gained a reputation for being absolutely brutal to his enemies but trustworthy and almost normal towards his allies. They quickly let Eric in on their prison escape plan and gave him a key position in the escape. Eric kept a small shank with him at all times, and during a cell change, he rapidly stabbed both guards escorting him and snatched their cell keys, opening every cell in reach of him. The escape was a success; prisoners managed to overpower the guards and escape out into the streets. The story made it all over national headlines, but Eric's role in the escape was never covered and he managed to evade being turned in.

Eric contacted an old friend that had not heard of his infamy and began hiding out in a small suburban house in northern Chicago, where he resides to this day.