El Azul Fuego

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   Pilot: El Azul Fuego, The Blue Flame!
   Call-sign: Blue
   Concept: Heroic Flying Luchador
   Nationality: Estados Unidos Mexicanos (sort of)
   * "Justice is in my corner!"
   * "You cannot extinguish The Blue Flame!"
   * Renaissance Man
   * Can I have your autograph, Mr. Fuego?
   * The Mask
   Piloting Sub-Skills
   Great: Handling
   Good: Aerial Psyche
   Fair: Gunnery
   Superb: Might
   Great: Endurance, Resolve, Pilot
   Good: Athletics, Intimidation, Resources
   Fair: Academics(Mexican native, English, French), Alertness, Contacting, Investigation
   Average: Art, Mysteries, Rapport, Science, Survival
   (Pilot) Flying Ace
   (Might) Herculean Strength
   (Might) Wrestler
   (Might) Body Toss
   (Endurance) Death Defiance
   (Endurance) Bounce Back
   Name: Grummen E-1C "Avenger"
   Description: The Blue Torch is painted black with blue flames on the leading edge, to match the mask!

A legend in the rings of Estados Unidos Mexicanos, The Blue Flame was unstoppable, defending the belt against challenge after challenge! Until a political faction he disagreed with wanted him to use his fame to support them, and he refused. Shortly afterward, they bombed his mansion and left him for dead. After dragging himself from the rubble two days later, he found himself unable to gather support to strike back against them, and he gathered what remaind of his resrouces and left to wander the world, doing good wherever the winds took him!