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Note: Events in italics are not common knowledge.

19th & 20th Centuries

Due to a variety of factors relating to the Industrial Revolution, radical genetic mutations begin to occur in the population. Only one in every fifty million at first, the rate increases slowly but gradually over the course of the next hundred years. However, the mutant population remains so small that it is a statistical anomaly, outside the notice of science and much of the general population, dismissed as fanciful tales.


The development of atomic weaponry causes the mutant population to boom, as the increase in radiation in the atmosphere from sustained nuclear testing causes the mutant population to grow from one in every ten million to one in every hundred thousand. The mutations become more unusual, spreading into aspects still considered theoretical by modern science: energy projection, teleportation, matter manipulation, and so forth. Most of this remains undetected for most of the decade, due to the majority of mutations remaining dormant until puberty.