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I'll just dump my raw .txt file with his sheet here, I guess!

Name: 		Death Guy (Rogue Guy)
Player: 	Cabbit
Classes: 	Rogue(5)/Assassin(4)
Total Level: 	9
Alignment:	Neutral Evil
Race: 		Shy Guy
Gender: 	Male
Eyes: 		Mask
Hair: 		Hood
Height: 	3'3"
Weight: 	30 lbs.
Age: 		29

Init:		+8
Speed:		20
Defense:	19	( Size +1, Dex +4, Armor +4 )
Touch:		15	( Size +1, Dex +4 )
Flat Footed:	15	( Size +1, Armor +4 )
BAB:		+6/+1
HD:		9d6
WP:		10
VP:		42

		Base	Modifiers		Total	Bonus
Str:		14	Shy Guy-2		12	+1
Dex: 		15	Shy Guy+2/Level+2	19	+4
Con:		10				10	+0
Int:		14				14	+2
Wis:		10				10	+0
Cha:		12	Shy Guy-2		10	+0

Fort: +2, Ref: +12, Will: +2

Skills:					Skill	Bonus	Other	Total	Source
	Balance				+10	+4	+2	+16	R
	Climb				+8	+1	+0	+9	R
	Disable Device			+10	+2	+2	+14	R
	Disguise			+5	+0	+0	+5	R
	Escape Artist			+8	+4	+0	+12	R
	Hide				+10	+4	+6	+20	R
	Jump				+7	+1	+2	+10	R
	Listen				+8	+0	+0	+8	R
	Move Silently			+10	+4	+2	+16	R
	Open Lock			+8	+2	+2	+12	R
	Search				+10	+2	+5	+17	R
	Tumble				+10	+4	+2	+16	R

	Points:		Rogue(5)	80
			Assassin(4)	18

			Total		86


	Great Ally*			[Shy Guy One]
	Improved Initiative		[Level One]
	Sneak Attack +1d6		[Rogue One]
	Trapfinding			[Rogue One]
	Evasion				[Rogue Two]
	Weapon Finesse			[Level Three]
	Sneak Attack +2d6		[Rogue Three]
	Trap Sense +1			[Rogue Three]
	Uncanny Dodge			[Rogue Four]
	Sneak Attack +3d6		[Rogue Five]
	Eschew Materials		[Level Six]
	Sneak Attack +4d6		[Assassin One]
	Death Attack			[Assassin One]
	Poison Use			[Assassin One]
	Spells				[Assassin One]
	Save Vs. Poison +1		[Assassin Two]
	Improved Uncanny Dodge		[Assassin Two]
	Sneak Attack +5d6		[Assassin Three]
	Death Blowª			[Level Nine]
	Save Vs. Poison +2		[Assassin Four]

	*Explained Below
	ªComplete Adventurer

	Super-Tough Black Shy Guy Robe		1175	Coins
		(Reinforced Leather Armor +1, Small)
	Shy Guy Mask of Minute Seeing		1250	Coins
		(Goggles of Minute Seeing)
	Thwackin' Mace				305	Coins
		(Masterwork Light Mace, Small)
	Stabbin' Knife				2	Coins
		(Knife, Small)
	Sling					-	Coins
	Sling Bullets, x15			.2	Coin
	Ring of Feather Falling			2200	Coins
	Mushroom of Jump, x1			50	Coins
	Leaf of Pass Without Trace, x2		100	Coins
	Belt pouch, Small, x3			3	Coins
	Thieves' tools, Masterwork		100	Coins
	Bedroll					.1	Coin
	Poison Gas Mask				4400	Coins

	Wand of Low-Light Vision		750	Coins
	Wand of Invisibility			4500	Coins
	Wiggler Poison, x6 Doses		1470	Coins
		(Giant Wasp Poison)

	Coins					27

	Single Attacks-
				Bonus	Damage	Range	Critical
	Mace Thwack		+11	1d4+1	Melee	20/x2
	Sling Shot		+10	1d3+1	50 ft.	20/x2

	Full Attacks-
				Bonus	Damage	Range	Critical
	Mace Thwack		+11	1d4+1	Melee	20/x2
				+6	1d4+1	Melee	20/x2
	Sling Shot		+10	1d3+1	50 ft.	20/x2
				+5	1d3+1	50 ft.	20/x2

Abilities Summary:
	Great Ally							(EX)
		Shy guys work exceptionally well with their allies. When 
		successfully aided on a skill check or attack roll by an 
		ally, or when aiding another, a shy guy applies or gains 
		a +3 bonus on its check or attack roll (instead of the 
		normal +2 bonus). Furthermore, a shy guy gains a +4 bonus 
		on attack rolls against an opponent flanked by an ally 
		(instead of the normal +2 bonus).

	Spells								(SP)
		An assassin can cast a small number of spells, using Int
		as his primary casting attribute but otherwise casting
		spells like a sorcerer. When he gains 0 spells per day,
		he can only cast spells of that level with bonus spells
		due to a high intelligence.

		Caster Level:				4
		Arcane Spell Failure:			-

		Level One	-	5/Day	-	DC 13
			Disguise Self
			Distract Assailant
			Obscuring Mist
		Level Two	-	4/Day	-	DC 14
			Fire Shuriken

	*Wraithstrike, Complete Adventurer

	Things used to be so simple. March to the left, march to the right.
	Throw a spear, swing your mace, and watch out for the plumbers.

	So simple.

	He was Shy Guy. They were Shy Guy. Everyone was Shy Guy. Even if the
	unmasked called them Snifits or Bandits or Mace Guys, or whatever,
	they were all Shy Guy at heart. All the same, brothers and sisters.
	It was like having a huge family, without conflict, without difference,
	without borders.

	Until the Bomb atomizes three million of your closest relatives at once.
	Nobody knew just how deep the connection, the sympathy between each
	Shy Guy ran until nearly half their number died at once. 

	Some shattered from the emotional strain. Most of them just snapped to
	some degree, their minds driven into a psychotic, mindless loyalty to
	the King for just the barest chance to make Mario suffer for the untold
	slaughter of their kin.

	And one little Shy Guy, rather than being blinded by rage, had his
	eyes opened.

	It didn't matter. None of it did. The unity, the brotherhood, the bomb.
	Mario. Bowser. Anything. There was no point. There was nothing else.

	The Rogue Shy Guy, as he decayed further into quasi-nihilism, murder,
	and wealth-mongering, began to wonder if anything actually survived the
	blast. Rather than dwell on the kind of thoughts that hadn't occured to
	any of his utopian brothers in centuries, Rogue Guy immersed himself in
	the rapidly developing world of kills-for-hire.

	And the heroes are paying well. For now.