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Wilhelm Grosm is the son of Mikel Grosm, Squire to the Lord Ehbert (I need to determine this). Wilhelm was being trained to take his father's place, and to serve Lord Ehbert's son, Manfred. In his training to become a Squire, Wilhelm was also taught the Martial techniques of the Axe and Sword, though he recieved the most training on the Shortsword.

A month ago, Wilhelm was travelling with his father, master, and young master, to a member of the family a few generations back, just to retain that family tie, and discuss the marriage of Manfred to the daughter of that cousin. On the road, the party was beset upon by brigands. The four fought bravely, and it was mostly sheer luck that Wilhelm managed to survive.

Wilhelm's world crumbled in the moments of that battle. He lost his father, and his master. However, an idea occurred to him. There was no longer an heir to the Ehbert household. While Manfred and Wilhelm would scarcely be considered brothers by those who knew them, those who had not met either could easily confuse them based on basic description. Wilhelm removed Manfred's chain armor and family crest, and bore them as his own, and buried the body of the young master, hoping to someday return to Ehbert as the lost Lord Manfred returned.

Wilhelm knew he could not return immediately home if his ploy was to work, so he grabbed a few of the horses and ran. He ran for weeks, trying to get somewhere where he could convince others that he was the minor noble he was dressed as. He knew he'd be in trouble if he was found out, but perhaps he could maintain the illusion until it was safe to try to return home.

The horses were traded away on the road for food, Wilhelm never getting their true worth, but being able to travel a while longer. Finally, the last mount broke her leg while crossing the river <insert river here> a half days travel from St. Joachimstal. He was forced to put the mare down.

And so, Wilhelm Grosm, or rather Lord Manfred Ehbert, marched into St. Joachimstal the night before, carrying nothing but the mail on his back and a small pouch of coin.

Character Sheet

Wilhelm Grosm (foxxtrot)
120 Points Age 17 Human 5' 6" 175 lbs
ST: 13 [30] IQ: 10 [0]
DX: 11 [20] HT: 12 [20]
Secondary Attributes
Damage 1d/2d-1; BL 34 lbs.; HP 13 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP 15 [9] Basic Speed 6 [5]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Block 9 (Shield (Shield)); Dodge 9; Parry 8 (Axe/Mace)
Fit [5]
Social Regard (Respected) (2) [10]
Honest Face [1]
Code of Honor (Chivalry) [-15]
Secret (Peasant Masquerading as Noble) [-30] Possible Death
Animal Handling (Equines)-11 (IQ+1) [4]
Armoury/TL3 (Body Armor)-12 (IQ+2) [8]
Armoury/TL3 (Melee Weapons)-11 (IQ+1) [4]
Axe/Mace-10 (DX-1) [1]
Bow-12 (DX+1) [4]
Broadsword-11 (DX+0) [1]
Carousing-12 (HT+0) [1]
Climbing-10 (DX-1) [1]
Crossbow-11 (DX+0) [1]
Fast-Draw (Knife)-11 (DX+0) [1]
First Aid/TL3 (Equines)-12 (IQ+2) [4]
First Aid/TL3 (Human)-11 (IQ+1) [2]
Heraldry-9 (IQ-1) [1]
Hiking-12 (HT+0) [2]
Knife-11 (DX+0) [1]
Lance-10 (DX-1) [1]
Lifting-11 (HT-1) [1]
Mimicry (Bird Calls)-8 (IQ-2) [1]
Mount-10 (DX-1) [1]
Navigation/TL3 (Land)-10 (IQ+0) [2]
Packing-9 (IQ-1) [1]
Riding (Equines)-10 (DX-1) [1]
Savoir-Faire (Nobility)-10 (IQ+0) [1]
Savoir-Faire (Servant)-11 (IQ+1) [2]
Sewing/TL3-11 (DX+0) [1]
Shield (Shield)-12 (DX+1) [2]
Shortsword-13 (DX+2) [8]
Swimming-12 (HT+0) [1]
Throwing-10 (DX-1) [1]
Weather Sense-9 (IQ-1) [1]
Wrestling-12 (DX+1) [4]
Disarming (Axe/Mace)-10 [0]
Disarming (Broadsword)-11 [0]
Disarming (Knife)-11 [0]
Disarming (Shortsword)-13 [0]
Disarming (Wrestling)-12 [0]
Feint (Axe/Mace)-10 [0]
Feint (Broadsword)-11 [0]
Feint (Shortsword)-13 [0]
Horse Archery (Bow)-8 [0]
Retain Weapon (Axe/Mace)-10 [0]
Retain Weapon (Broadsword)-11 [0]
Retain Weapon (Knife)-11 [0]
Retain Weapon (Shortsword)-13 [0]