Cold and Dirty War

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A Cold and Dirty War


The setting begins in the city of "Dragon's Mouth."

Assorted Maps

Temple of the Lord of Light, floorplan

Game World Notes

Studying at the Mage's Guild

Most people spend three years in the mage's guild as undergrads, and many take a year of prep school, first. After that, there's a test and you get a license. Most people leave the academy at this point.

For people who want to stay in, there's normally an application process, where you're presented to a committee, they discuss you and see if they want to accept you, and if they give you the thumbs up, you're matched with a senior mage.

The mage gives you yet another test, (often ceremonial) and then formally accepts the student. Afterwards, there's a nice ceremony, and you basically become a grad student, except that your master has a good bit more power over you. Apprenticeship normally lasts four years. (Most people average a level a year during this process. Professor Hall's apprentices tend to level a lot faster and become powerful afterwards, but also have a higher mortality rate).

But, based on an old technically, a senior mage can accept whoever they want as an apprentice. Violating normal process is unusual, and would piss off the people on the admission's committee, but Professor Hall is given a rather wide berth.

Professor Hall

Professor Hall is the PC's instructor and boss.

His formal title is 'Director of the Department of Special Projects,' but the specifics of most of those projects are not discussed.

He's written a number of the texts used in your classes, so most undergrads know his name from that, but his background simply isn't discussed. He came to the academy not long after the war, and started as a full, tenured professor. Interestingly, he only looks like he's in his late 30's.

None of the PC's initially know his school specialization (if he has one) or what most of his research is. His labs are simply off limit to everyone, except his apprentices, and a few board members. He only publishes a paper or two a year, and those are all generally on different, fundamental magical concepts.

His apprenticeships are valued because he apparently an incredible instructor, almost everyone who studied under him rose quickly in power, and almost always starts off their career in an excellent position. (Roughly speaking, he generally gets people to around level 10 by the time they're done.) Also, he seems to have enough funding, and an allows his students to study whatever projects they like.

He does have two other apprentices. One is a fourth year necromancer, and the other is a second year transmuter. His other student, an illusionist, was killed six months ago. No details were released, but he did posthumously receive a medal for exceptional service to the state.

Party Contacts


These are people the PCs have met and used for information in the past

  • Ophelia - Jamos's servant
  • Ms. Alecia's Servant (Some folk magic training)
  • Jenny - Adam's girlfriend (Party bought off her debt, apparently some knowledge about drugs)
  • Father Miles - Priest at Lord of Light Church
  • Mrs. Summers - Director of Volunteer work at Lord of Light Church

Special Projects

  • Professor Hall
  • Ciecel - Hall's Familliar
  • Gabriel - Hall's oldest apprentice
  • Lana - Gabriel's silent cleric friend

Other Guild Mages

  • The Alchemist - He runs the labs that identify things for you (people just call him The Alchemist, the 'The' is always upper case)
  • Tony Haggen - School Provost
  • Professor Tibble - Old professor from "history of magic"
  • Professor Duncan - Runs the guild's medical and biological labs (Transmuter)
  • Johnny Smith - Duncan's 1st year lab assistant (Transmuter)

Other People

  • Drow Bard - Met at warehouse
  • Mirima - Vanya's Familliar

Known By Reputation

  • Father Lothan - Cleric of Pholteus, one of the intended recipients for the notes
  • Sir Damien - Retired Soldier, currently working at the millitary academy, one of the intended recipients for the notes
  • Judge Tassus - Lady Judge, Noble, one of the intended recipients
  • Detective Myranar - City Detective, has a reputation for being very anti-corruption, very much anti-slaver, intended recipient