Change the World

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Change the World
 Creator(s) Bloodnose
 System(s) GURPS
 Genre(s) Alternate Universe

Change the World is a crackpot multimedia setting run in GURPS with supporting media from Sid Meier's Civilization 4.

The World to Change

The known world at the beginning is remarkably small and poorly understood. It consists of one, mostly cold-climate, high-latitude continent with the primary civilization existing in the far south where the land is more temperate and even desert in some places. The two major political bodies are the Reman Empire and the Kingdom of Ayin, the latter being the protagonistic one. There are also roaming barbarian tribes, known by the Reman name, the Golgae.


Kingdom of Ayin

The Kingdom of Ayin is a monarchial nation whose language and culture is primarily influenced by the Arabian culture of the medieval period. Its state religion, called Tamism, is an adapted eastern religion primarily based on Mahayana Buddhism. The geographical kingdom is composed of four cities, each one ruling over its own province: Kedda, Medua, Morad-dar, and Mok-ta. The government is hereditary, passing the Hakimate (or kingship) down a dynastic line. Slavery is legal in the state, but more based on classical Greco-Roman slavery than antebellum American slavery in that it is economically motivated rather than racially or religiously. The currency of the Ayin is called the Zayin, a square gold coin minted in Morad-dar.

Reman Empire

The Remans are a society of people that haven't been seen or recorded by an Ayinite in over five centuries. Culturally and linguistically, they are based on the Romans of their Imperial period. Their capital city is Remus, a large town far northwest of the Bhozad Wall in a much colder climate. Anything about their modern society is shrouded in mystery.


'Golgae' is a Reman word meaning 'homeless,' but it has been applied to the stateless barbarians that roam the wastes and plains between the Bhozad Wall and the Reman Empire. The home of the Golgae is unknown to the civilized people, they are assumed to be nomadic barbarians who just enjoy destruction and could never build any cities of their own. The truth behind this idea is unknown.

So What's the Point?

It's easy to get caught up in all of this as just 'I've built a world and let's play in it,' but the world isn't the main character, the main characters are the main characters. The point of this setting is its namesake, we want to see how a single group of people can change the face of the world.