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Welcome, Scribe-Initiates, to the service of the Grand Council of the Brotherhood of Imipolex.

Our Brotherhood, as you certainly understand, is in a period of great change. The Kharr Schism has left us fragmented, our spirits shattered. Debates have raged, old misgivings about Our founders festered; Our once-great Brotherhood now lies in ruins, its Brothers and Sisters disagreeing about the most fundamental tenets of its nature. Your job, as a Scribe-Initiate, is to — once and for all — produce the definitive record of Our Brotherhood's history, teachings, and traditions, that we might rise above this infighting and become great once more.

An epic task lies ahead of you in the weeks and months ahead; Our Brotherhood has changed the course of the world throughout human history, and counted several million members among its ranks during happier times. It will be no easy accomplishment to catalogue all that Our Brotherhood has done.

1. We must be careful not to leave any piece of information, no matter how trivial it may seem, out of the account. To this end, we will proceed in order through the letters of the alphabet, each Scribe producing one article for each letter. Each article must be signed by the Scribe who produced it. [[ 2. For the first period of this project, when you are writing an article that begins with 'A', your article must cite two references. These citations must necessarily be of articles that have not yet been written, but do not fret; it is certain that your fellow Scribes will faithfully fill in the details.

3. For the remainder of the project, each article you write must cite one article that has already been written, and two that have yet to be written (excepting 'Y' and 'Z', where you must only cite one and zero such articles, respectively).

4. None of the articles you cite may be of your own authorship. The Kharr Schism began with one Brother's traitorous perversion of the facts, and repetition of such incidents is to be prevented at all costs.

5. Every article that has been written by your fellow Scribes is to be treated as unquestionably true. Though until now you have been but humble Brothers and Sisters, The Council has placed a great amount of trust in the integrity of your scholarship, and it expects that not a single incorrect or ill-considered word will find its way to print.

Scribes, rejoice, for a renaissance is at hand; with the aid of your scholarship, Our Brotherhood will surely rise again and valiantly serve The Great Initiator evermore!

Role-playing notes:

You are a newly-initiated scribe for a Great Ancient Old Mystic Society. Every action you take should be undertaken with the greatest of solemnity. Lots of chanting in some chthonic language that nobody speaks, or ever should speak if they're in their right mind. Lots of summoning circles. Lots of candles, for ambiance. Archaic English, if the need strikes you.

Beyond that, though, anything goes. If you decide that the initiation ceremony for Our Brotherhood should involve the Initiate getting hit over the head with a guitar and covered in Jell-O, that is your own choice. As long as you can write it with a straight face (please go easy on jokes about bodily functions, though), and cloak it in plausible mysticism, that is your decision, not mine or the Grand Council's.

Any articles about the history, traditions, and rituals of Our Brotherhood are allowable. If they're too thin on the ground by the end of the first pass, we can always come back and do more.

Beyond that, just have fun.

Technical notes:

The prefix for all pages in this Lexicon (except for this page) should be ImipoLex:, to prevent polluting the root namespace too much. The format for the title of a Scribe page (a page about yourself, as a Scribe), should you desire to create one, should be ImipoLex:Scribes/[your Scribe alias]. Also, add your name to the Scribes section.

All article pages should have the code [[Category:The Brotherhood of Imipolex]] at the bottom, so they are automatically added to the table of contents of this page. Note: If the article is about a person, that code should be [[Category:The Brotherhood of Imipolex|Lastname, Firstname]] instead.

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