Carlo Bonaventura

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   Pilot: Carlo Bonaventura
   Call-sign: Arrowhead
   Concept: Fascist ISA Pilot
   Nationality: I.S.A.
   *Law & Order 
   *Protect the innocent 
   *"No Ticket." 
   *Always Ready 
   *Cool Headed 
   *"That's an Order"
   Piloting Sub-Skills
   Great: Handling
   Good: Gunnery
   Fair: Aerial Psyche
   Superb: Endurance
   Great: Pilot, Fists, Guns
   Good: Resolve, Athletics, Intimidation
   Fair: Leadership, Might, Alertness, Survival
   Average: Resources, Mysteries, Academics, Art, Science
   (Pilot)Flying Ace
   (Guns)Long Shot
   (Guns)Rain of Lead
   (Endurance)Bounce Back
   (Endurance)Death Defiance
   Name:Focke-Wulf Hellhound
   Description: Painted in muted Greys, the only impression that Order, Carlo's Hellhound, 
   cuts is created by the I.S.A. logo emblazoned on a stripe across the right wing. 

Tall and muscular, Carlo's hawkish features complement his cleancut uniform excellently. Adept at piloting and following orders Carlo is far from an average drone. His sharp mind and devotion to detail have saved him on many occasions.

The son of an Italian meat packer Carlo grew up in the slums of Chicago, a young man when the USA fell and the ISA came to being he embraced his new country with a militant passion, joining the militia and getting educated there as a pilot.

He now frequently serves on the ISA's flagship zeppelins, as an emergency fighter. He has a hangup about stowaways and has, on more than one occasion, thrown them head first over the railing. A very stern and serious individual he values the lives and jobs of those around him greatly.

Having recently served a full tour he is currently on extended leave until the ISA needs him in the sky. He is still a young pilot, at 25, and has yet to see major military action.