Blackbird Dreaming Dream Dictionary

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This is loosely supposed to mimic Jack's in-game dictionary, but will inevitably contain details or terms he is unaware of.

  • Anchor -
  • Bad Meat Singing - probably a reference to the result of a major conflict, like a lot of death(?)
  • Conduit - Conduits are objects or individuals able to interact with a gate without being overwhelmed.
  • Dancing - Fighting, or conflict
  • Essence - spiritual energy, that pool of power within someone that fuels their traces
  • Flavor - An odor or taste reflecting a spirit or person's essence(?) Coyote is cinnamon.
  • Fly - Discover one's traces, come into one's potential, become lovely.
  • Lovely - Neighbors who have become more than "human", their hidden talents have begun to bloom
  • Neighbor - humans with latent spiritual power, often from spirit ancestry
  • Party - the conflict on earth between various spirit factions is "the party"
  • Players - the entities participating in the dance. 'Major players' are the big guns, minor players those without as much power.
  • Pleasant/Unpleasant - specifically pertaining to spirits, helps identify what a spirit likes and doesn't like or can/can't handle
  • Pocket - "It's difficult to explain succinctly--but try to imagine these 'spaces' are not unlike little islands floating about apart from one another; some may be very small, a little dollop of sand with a palm frond in the middle of an ocean or a neighborhood or a township. It's a defined 'place' so to speak." - Arthur
  • Meat - Some spirits refer to humans as "meat", presumably because they have corporeal flesh
  • muse - A muse is... a very personal font of inspiration made manifest--one whose spirit is in essence a harmonious mirror to that of another being." Her gaze flits towards Eugene for a fleeting moment. "Dreams nourish the spirit and inspire in equal measure. With a muse, an artist may accomplish creations of a greater magnitude than without." - Athena
  • Realm - a collection of connected, related pockets. They are connected by anchors.
  • Singing - Emotions, feelings, letting out of these things in a way that may feed some spirits
  • Song - "The whole of that which is you is expressed in song--the notes written within the fabric of your being in concert with all that you are and carrying forward all that you may have been--and all that you may yet be." - Sekhmet
  • Territory - Domain of a power. Bigger than a pocket, smaller than a realm.
  • Traces - one's powers, abilities, the things they can do when they are lovely. So named because one can 'trace' the lines of power within, if one knows how to look.
  • Ravenous - Corrupted Lovelies, like the scarecrow monster from the farm.