FATAL & Friends: Giant Allege 4

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Giant Allege
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  1. Introduction
  2. Post-Roboapocalyptic Australian Legal Deathmatch
  3. Wheel of Morality, Turn Turn Turn
  4. Go ahead and get the Ace Attorney jokes out of your system now
  5. Invincible Attorney Textbook Adulterer
  6. The Actual Combat Rules Are 2 Pages Long
  7. Clients Dig Giant Robots

Giant Allege 4: Go ahead and get the Ace Attorney jokes out of your system now, by ProfessorProf


Giant Allege Part 4: Go ahead and get the Ace Attorney jokes out of your system now

Act 1 Overview: Introduction Phase

Case Presentation Scene
The players in charge of side A make their dramatic call to the Judgment Satellites in the place of their client. Responding to their call, the Judgment Satellites send down a beam of light, and one week later, the concerned parties and their mighty lawyers assemble at the point where the light strikes the ground.

Lawyer Introduction Scene
Roll initiative (to be explained later), and in order of success, each lawyer arrives at the scene. A pure roleplaying scene where the players each in turn introduce their lawyer and their allege as they arrive on the field of judgment.

B's Request Scene/A's Request Scene
In front of the gathered lawyers, B (the accused) explains their situation and their request. B summarizes their key points about the case. There is a question and answer session, and then B leaves, and the whole thing is done again with A.

Act 2 Overview: Pre-Judgment Phase

Rig the Bids
After a brief debate, each Lawyer declares, in initiative order, which client they're going to represent, and move out to their respective sides. The rules specifically call out that this is a verbal promise, but is not more binding than that, conveniently allowing for mid-battle betrayals.

Thin Out
Before Judgment proper begins, there is an opportunity to try and take out enemy lawyers early using surprise attacks. In initiative order, each Lawyer declares whether or not thety wish to make a surprise attack, and against who. They engage in a one-turn battle (conflict resolution rules later), and whether or not the battle is resolved, it ends there. The winner of a surprise attack battle can either reduce the loser's highest attribute by one, force the loser to join a specific camp, or swap Giant Alleges with the other Lawyer which sounds like it has hilarious potential.

Act 3 Overview: Judgment Phase

Open the Court
The Lawyers enter the battlefield in this order:
The lawyer of the player controlling NPC A
The lawyer of the player controlling NPC B
Lawyers who were forced into a camp during Thin Out
Remaining Lawyers in Initiative order
If, after all this, either camp (A or B) has only one player, then Prosecutor J joins the battle on their side, controlled by that player.

First Judgment
In initiative order, regardless of camp, each Lawyer now chooses whether or not to deploy their Allege. If they do, then the Cost stat for their Allege is subtracted from their client's Budget (there it is!). If the client doesn't have enough Budget left to pay the Allege's Cost, then they'll have to go toe to toe with the enemy Allege on foot. Don't worry, Lawyers can do that.

Here is where the battle between Lawyers rages. Robots rise and fall. More on this bit later, but those defeated can no longer participate in the session.

Deliver Judgment
As narrated by the player controlling the winning NPC:

Thunderous voice from the heavenly Judgment Satellites posted:
We shall now pass judgment. This court finds (A/B) victorious, and we acknowledge their request.

Petition Appeal
If the losing camp has any Lawyers left who can still fight, then the battle is not over. With a shout of "Objection!", they may begin a second round of combat with the remaining Lawyers on both sides. If anyone wants to deploy Allege in this scene, they need to pay Cost again out of their client's Budget. If, after this battle, there are still Lawyers standing on both sides, a THIRD round can be fought.

Act 4 Overview: Resolution Phase

Dismiss the Court Unspent Budget is split between the remaining victorious lawyers. Everyone gives their exit scene, in initiative order. All lawyers increase one stat by one point, and leave the battle.

Never-ending Judgment If you still have time in your evening at this point, you can continue on with the same lawyers into another Judgment. All damage is repaired, people can make new Lawyers or Giant Allege, basically whatever. For as long as Ground Judge stands, there will be need for more ridiculous legal mecha battles.

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(Incidentally, I made a couple revisions to my last entry, clarifying some stuff I either didn't understand or had wrong.)