FATAL & Friends: Giant Allege 2

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Giant Allege
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  1. Introduction
  2. Post-Roboapocalyptic Australian Legal Deathmatch
  3. Wheel of Morality, Turn Turn Turn
  4. Go ahead and get the Ace Attorney jokes out of your system now
  5. Invincible Attorney Textbook Adulterer
  6. The Actual Combat Rules Are 2 Pages Long
  7. Clients Dig Giant Robots

Giant Allege 2: Post-Roboapocalyptic Australian Legal Deathmatch by ProfessorProf


Giant Allege part 2: Post-Roboapocalyptic Australian Legal Deathmatch

Giant Allege 2.png Place names liberally localized.

This is where the game takes place. It's never explicitly called Australia, but I mean, shit, look at it.

This chapter is dedicated to establishing the key aspects of the setting before we dive into the nitty gritty details.

Giant Allege is the name of the type of giant robot used by defense attorneys. They have the same movement range and speed of a human, except they're 9-30 meters tall and made of metal. They come in an endless variety of shapes and armaments. They are the most powerful weapons on Ground Judge.

Giant Alleges made during the previous era are manipulated via telepathic controls. Alleges made in the modern day are controlled via the "Marionette Control" system, which exactly mimics the motions of the pilot. A Giant Allege is activated by a special activation key in the form of an attorney's badge.

The Lower The Lawyers are the people piloting the robots. Mighty Lawyers who use their giant robot fists to claim justice for concerned parties. Trials are decided by Giant Allege battles between defendants and prosecutors. Because Giant Alleges are expensive as shit to keep running, a single defense from one of these great Lawyers can cost as much as 100,000 Kappa - more than a year's income for the average family. (Yes, the book misspells it as Lower.)

Controlling a Giant Allege requires abilities and reflexes far beyond that of regular humans, so Lawyers are usually the best of the best of humanity. There are even some rare cases of Lawyers becoming more powerful than their Giant Allege.

To become a Lawyer, one must travel to the Divine Audience Mountains and seek the Tower of Deliberation, where they will face a mighty trial known as a Legal Examination. If they are triumphant, they will be granted an Attorney's Badge. The areas tested in the Legal Examination are swordsmanship, Giant Allege piloting, and defensive ability, all held to extremely high standards - less than one percent of challengers pass the test. Once the Examination is cleared, the new Lawyer must climb Gears Rock to receive their Giant Allege and begin making a name for themself as a Lawyer.

Judgment is the term for the battles fought in the name of justice on Ground Judge. When there is a dispute between people, it is resolved by a brutal battle to be the last man standing. If someone is weak, but has a strong need of justice, then they can hire a Lawyer to fight in their place with a giant robot.

Judgment Satellites are the silent guardians of Ground Judge, looking down from the heavens since a lost age thousands of years ago. From the surface, a call of "Frugativi et Appelavi" is made to the heavens, and one of the Judgment Satellites will shine a light down on the place that will be the battlefield of Judgment. One week later, the Giant Allege will meet there for a decisive battle to claim their wanted verdict.

Ground Judge is the name of the suspiciously Australia-like continent on which the game takes place. Until 500 years ago, countless criminals were sent here, but now it has been cut off from the outside world by an impassable barrier of wind called the Nonaggression Wind Wall. A cruel land, where power is justice. With a hot and dry climate, the inhabitants manage a grueling survival.

Gears Rock is an enormous rock in the center of the continent, 20 kilometers long. Countless Giant Allege slumber atop it.

The next section of the book is on the economy and culture of Ground Judge, which are similar to America's Wild West (or at least how it's remembered in modern popular culture). Guns and airplanes exist. Alcohol runs free, and the blood of the guilty flows thick. Many conflicts are simply resolved by force between the involved parties, but if a conflict gets too big, then it is settled by Giant Allege. Next, we get some quick descriptions of some of the cities on the map:

Western Mining Cities Holzo and Eastern Mining Town Alkata: Two mining communities on opposite ends of Gears Rock. Primary exports are copper.

Rest City Tomal: A connection point between Gears Rock and Guilty Town.

Subterannean Capital Unground: A massive Geofront made to escape the heat of the surface, and the capital of Ground Judge. A popular living place for the fabulously wealthy.

Port City Hotalica: Harbor city with a thriving fishing trade. The go-to place on Ground Judge for goods from the sea.

Atonement City Tada: Those found guilty in Judgments are sent here.

Swindler City Hatari: A ruthless city where Judgment fraud runs rampant. As long as you win, even fraud can become justice.

Giant Allege 3.png

This is the book's only real fleshed-out NPC, Prosecutor J, and his noble steed, Justice The Giant Allege. J is a humanoid android sent to Ground Judge from the Judgment Satellites whenever there is a disruption in a trial of Judgment.

All of the setting information in the book is delightfully incoherent and full of unanswered questions. Next, I'll get into some of the actual game mechanics.