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Giant Allege
Giant Allege 1.png
  1. Introduction
  2. Post-Roboapocalyptic Australian Legal Deathmatch
  3. Wheel of Morality, Turn Turn Turn
  4. Go ahead and get the Ace Attorney jokes out of your system now
  5. Invincible Attorney Textbook Adulterer
  6. The Actual Combat Rules Are 2 Pages Long
  7. Clients Dig Giant Robots

Giant Allege 1: Introduction by ProfessorProf


Ground Judge.

In this land of untamed wilderness, since time immemorial, conflict has been resolved in the courts. The rules of court are simple: Justice to the victorious, and nothing else.

In order for the weak to also see justice, proxies can stand up for their clients in court. Thusly do people raise great sums of money to hire defense attorneys to claim justice for them. Defense attorneys with strength peerless throughout the land.

Why are the defense attorneys so strong? That's simple. Because they're piloting giant robots!

Giant Allege 1.png

Giant Allege is, in its own words, a "Heart-Pounding Robot Courtroom RPG" from Japan, which boasts the following key points:

It doesn't require a GM or a scenario! The rules establish everything necessary for play, and the system has no particular need for a game master.

It doesn't require roleplaying! It certainly spices things up, but it can be played like a board game.

Everything is player VS player combat! Use your giant robot and battle skills to defeat the opposing players and get your way.

It might not actually be an RPG! As all the above suggests, it exists in a strange place in between RPGs and board games.

Each of the players controls a giant robot pilot slash lawyer in post-apocalyptic Australia, fighting to claim justice for their client. The last one standing gets the verdict they desire. The rulebook is distributed as a 28-page PDF, so hopefully this won't take too many entries to get through.

Next, I'll properly kick the book off with the setting chapter!